Vaping: Everything You Need To Know

Vaping refers to using extracts or herbs in the form of vapor through a device. The device converts the solid, liquid, or wax extracts into vapors using a coil for the user. It is the best alternative to smoking as it does not burn the substance and hence does not produce any tar.

A vaporizer is a device that consists of several parts that accommodate the extracts or herbs you smoke and convert them to vapor.










A vaporizer consists of:

  1. Drip tip – Point of inhalation
  2. Tank – which stores the e-liquid or herb
  3. Coil – Metal coil surrounded by a wicking material, usually cotton
  4. Battery – Powers the device

The battery sends power to the vape coils, which heats the liquid stored in the tank in small quantities, thereby ‘vaporizing’ it and making it available to the drip tip for inhalation. Generally, vaporizers have a button to control the output of smoke.

Vaping for a Beginner

A lot of questions arise when purchasing a vape, especially for beginners. There are options with variable smoke density, flavor, liquid container size, dosages, batteries, and even the vaping devices coming in forms of large containers or miniature pen-like form factors.

While these options can be confusing, taking small steps to decide on each part of your vaping experience helps to understand the process better and have a worthy vape.


There are several types of devices used for vaping that include vape pens, mods. Each of them poses a certain advantage in terms of design and heating capabilities. For example, vape pens have small and petite designs making them the right choice to carry a subtle device with you wherever you go.









While these devices are amazing to use with e-liquids they might not have superior heating capabilities as that of desktop modules to work with dry herbs. Based on the ingredient you wish to vape and other factors such as ease of use, you can choose the right ones for your requirement.

It all boils down to choosing what is optimum for you. If you are a beginner, stick to the basics and start with a basic vape pen. All you need to do is google “vape shop near me in 2020” and visit the shop in your vicinity for high-quality vape products.

E-Liquids or Vape Juice

E-liquids or vape juice is the vaping extract you add to the tank. These extracts are prepared with a primary ingredient such as CBD oil along with solvents and other chemicals such as vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol that make the base extracts compatible for vaping.

Trusted E-liquids are available with nicotine infusion, CBD extracts, along with vibrant flavor choices such as lavender, lemon that make your vaping experience cherishable. You can choose the appropriate type of e-liquid for your device from a wide variety of choices that include versatile flavors and compounds to benefit from vaping.

Nicotine Level

Nicotine infused e-liquids are available that contain different levels of the ingredient based on your requirement. You must understand what dosage of nicotine you need for your body. It can be calculated based on the number of cigarettes you consume per day. Since each cigarette contains approximately 10mg of nicotine, it is a good practice to stick with similar dosages. Your body generally does not react well to sudden nicotine withdrawal, make sure to reduce the levels gradually over time, thereby giving your body some time to adjust with change.









If you are trying to quit, make sure to reduce the nicotine levels when you start, and not consume cigarettes at the same time. Similarly, if you are looking for CBD-infused e-liquids, you can get lab-tested e-liquids online at which can provide you with a wide variety of choices in variable THC and CBD concentrations. For marijuana users, it is generally safe to consume less than 1 mg of THC as a standard level.

Understanding the concentration of the main component in the e-liquid helps you determine the kind of effect you can expect.


The battery is a crucial part of your device that controls the power requirement. Always make it a point to purchase only the recommended batteries that are compatible with your device. Clean the point of contact of your battery with the device to achieve proper output. Never charge your battery to 100% and never let the levels fall below 30%. Try to charge until 80%, and carry a spare in case you require longer usage. Investing in two sets of batteries can be a good idea to split the load and reduce dependency on one. Store your batteries in a box as opposed to throwing them into your pockets when your device is not in use.


Vaporizers need to be maintained regularly to enjoy the best experience to form your device. Cleaning the vaporizer needs to be done weekly to ensure that no blockages or leaks occur at the inhalation point, near the coil, or in the storage tank. Separate every removable part of your vaporizer and rinse thoroughly to remove dirt, residue, and other particles that could hinder the process. The e-liquid is the most commonly replaced part of your device. But your wicks also require replacement after some time to ensure they do not burn out too much and ruin the flavor and effects.

Also, make sure to check the branding of the replacements you buy, as often they can be made by third parties, which offer no warranty or can be unsafe to use.

Approvals and Certifications

It is a good practice to check for approvals on vaping devices like CE (consumer electronics), which indicates safety for consumer use in products containing batteries. Some vapes also come with FDA approvals, which make them very safe to use, albeit more expensive. Beginners to vaping have reported heating problems in vapes when constantly consuming. It happens primarily due to two reasons, which are poor material choice or design in the vaporizer or too much consumption in a single session.

While picking a vape, make sure that you test it, read reviews, or ask people about their experiences. It helps you to avoid poorly constructed devices that make consuming uncomfortable. These devices can cause burns by placing the inhalation point very near the coil, which again heats it to a large degree.

Also, make sure to avoid counterfeits by checking the authenticity of both the vaporizer and the E-liquid before purchasing or consuming.


Vitamin E acetate or EVALI is also found in the e-liquids of nicotine and THC that are useful to make them thicker and easier for the coil to ‘vaporize’. But these ingredients could cause potential lung and respiratory disorders, and hence you need to avoid them. New products containing better alternatives have arrived in the market, which is generally safer. You should look for the ingredients mentioned in the liquid you purchase to ensure that Vitamin E acetate and/or EVALI is not present. Also, check for the presence of diacetyl, antifreeze, which are also some ingredients you should avoid in your vape liquids.

Read the ingredients of your e-liquid and make sure they are safe for inhaling. Avoid e-liquids with too many additives to reduce the risk of side effects. Vaping for beginners can be an exciting but confusing experience. Make sure you choose the best quality vaping sets to make your experience worthy. Research and ask around the right ways to vape to enjoy vaping to the fullest.