Vaping has been proven to be a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, and the market has picked up in recent years. As more and more people try it out, there have been scary stories in the media about e-cigarettes exploding and irreparable damage to people and property.

But you don’t have to worry, as these incidents are quite unlikely and always avoidable. Exercising necessary caution and being sensible with your device can enhance your e-cigarette experience and keep you safe. To help you protect yourself, these are 10 vaping safety tips you must always remember:

1. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Children and animals are always curious about things, especially when it’s something that looks tempting and smells sweet. So, they might try to get their hands on your e-cig. However, most e-juices contain nicotine, which is incredibly dangerous, even in small quantities, if children ingest or even touch it. You can lock all vaping devices away safely to prevent accidental exposure and when you need to charge it, do it in a location that a pet or child cannot easily reach or see.  

2. Keep an eye on battery.

Your vaping device uses a lithium-ion battery, much like the one on your laptop and cell phone. If your e-cig didn’t come with a battery, make sure you buy one that is “manufacturer-approved,” meaning that you keep yourself safe by choosing one that can meet the demands of your vape. To prolong your battery’s lifespan, charge it before your device tells you to. Over-discharging and over-charging (leaving it to charge overnight unattended) can lead to severe issues. Any batteries whose casing has started to recede or tear should be disposed of immediately as these are high likely to overheat or explode in extreme cases.

3. Check the expiration date on e-liquids.

All quality e-liquids will have an expiration date printed on them, marked as “best before” or “use by”. Generally, they last anywhere between 1 to 2 years when stored correctly. Before vaping, always make sure that you check this date. If it doesn’t have a date, you can inspect it yourself. If your e-juice smells or tastes bad, looks like it’s gelled together or has become solid, or in any way unusual, it’s an indication that you should throw it away. Just keep in mind that small changes in color are normal as the nicotine seeps throughout your juices.

4. Don’t modify your device.

Your device is the way it is to give you the best performance possible. Tweaking it to increase the amount of vapor or power can spell disaster. Only if you have extensive knowledge of currents, wattage, ohms, and volts should you even think about making any modifications.

5. Use the charger that comes with the device.

Don’t use a tablet or phone’s charger to charge your device. If you’ve lost the one, it came with, buy a compatible smart charger that your manufacturer recommends. If you accidentally use a charger with a voltage higher than your battery’s, it can overheat your device. If the batteries are removable, consider investing in a battery charger.

6. Store your device and battery the right way.

Storing your e-liquid properly can delay its expiration. Once you’ve opened a bottle, and the nicotine inside is exposed to heat, light, or air, it undergoes a reaction called oxidation.  Too much oxidation can cause the flavors to go stale. Use a plastic case to store spare batteries. Avoid carrying them in your pocket, as it can easily create a short circuit when it comes in contact with metal objects. And we can’t emphasize this too much, if you’re carrying your vape in your pocket, make sure it’s switched off!

7. Avoid extreme temperatures.

Extreme temperatures can damage the mod’s battery. Temperatures below 15 °C (59 °F) or above 40 °C (104 °F), as well as direct sunlight, increase the risk for failure. Ideally, leave your vape at home in a dark and cool place. Leaving your device or the batteries in your car can also cause it to overheat really fast and eventually explode. At any time, if your device feels uncomfortably hot, stop using it immediately. If it hasn’t cooled down even after a few hours, it needs to be disposed of immeadietly. Continuing to use an overworked battery can lead to an explosion.

8. Don’t let the e-liquid touch your skin.

If the e-juice you’re using in your vape contains nicotine, you should be careful when handling it. It is because the human skin becomes like a sponge and quickly absorbs the nicotine that falls on it. While a small amount can be quickly washed off, more significant amounts can cause nicotine poisoning, with symptoms like vomiting, dehydration, and loss of appetite. If you feel any of these, it is advised to seek medical attention immediately after washing the exposed area with aggressively with soap and water. These steps are especially necessary if your skin is exposed to any quantities of juices containing nicotine salt formulations, as these products can contain up to 24% salt nicotine by volume.  Exposure to such high concentrations could lead to much greater blood nicotine levels than lower nicotine level juices.  Keep in mind that these issues are only in regards to vape juices that contain nicotine, juices also come in many 0 nicotine varieties or with other ingredients like the quality CBD vape juices from companies such as CBDfx.

9. Keep an eye out for defects.

Like any other product, a small percentage of vaping devices and batteries are also susceptible to manufacturing defects. An overlooked manufacturing defect, combined with frequent overcharging, can cause the battery to heat and eventually explode – which is a terrifying thought. So, whenever you buy a vape or new dab pens, inspect it. If you think there’s anything wrong with it, apply for a replacement or refund with the factory right away, before it causes property damage or physical harm.

10. Stay hydrated.

Vaping collects moisture from the body, making you feel dehydrated. If your vape juice is suddenly not tasting as flavorful as it just a while ago, it probably means you’re dehydrated. Drinking lots of water is a quick way to fix this. Especially during hot summer months, make sure you carry a water bottle with you whenever you head out and keep sipping. Always prioritize your body and its needs – listen to what it’s telling you.


Vaping can be an extremely enjoyable hobby, but being careless about it or taking it for granted can prove to be dangerous for you and those around you. By implementing these ten vaping safety tips, you can be sure an exploding e-cigarette is not in your future.