The graphic above from one of our wholesalers wraps up the status of the ongoing Vaping “Crisis” better then most other I have seen.
I started Vape Crypto almost 4 years ago because I truly believe vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking cigarettes and I wanted to offer high-quality products at great prices to other people who wanted to quit where nothing worked before.

I still strongly believe this and I was, of course, worried about all the recent news when it first came out. After taking a few days to read more and more articles and in talking to others in the industry it became clear that traditional and authentic vape juices and gear were not the issue.

In fact, the issue is not with juices containing just VG, PG and Nicotine at all but with black market THC cartridges bought on the street that were cut with Vitamin E Acetate Oils. I realize this may still be unsettling but I just want to assure you that all products for sale at Vape Crypto are authentic and we only purchase inventory from long-standing and reliable suppliers. 

As I am sure you are aware, many states are now trying to use the recent news to ban flavored e-liquids in a misguided attempt to address the real issues and underage vaping.
I have a soon-to-be teenager myself and preventing the use of vaping products by minors has always been a top priority. In regards to this, we have started to use a new age verification service that may request you to take a snapshot of your government ID at checkout.

I only implemented this service after my team and I thoroughly tested it for both simplicity and accuracy and in most instances, we found that a quick picture of the ID from the phone or the computer the order was made on was accepted within seconds.
I sincerely hope that this is never more than a minor convenience to our customers and that it can be appreciated why it’s the right thing for us to do as a company and as parents.

You can also be assured no copies of the ID are kept after the verification and as always your privacy is of the utmost importance to Vape Crypto and always will be!

If you would like to read further on the issues and on the safety of vaping in general we have collected some of the most hopeful links on the internet below. Please feel free to pass this information on to friends, family and to post on Social Media.
The more the truth gets out the more likely it will be that your vaping rights will not be infringed upon and thousands of people will not be forced to return to smoking. 

Please feel free to reach out to me via the onsite chat if you have any questions about this information, the links below or the new age authentication on the site.

Robert J. Pisack
CEO, BitByBitCrypto Inc and Vape Crypto