All About Vape Pods

2018 to 2019 has been a high growth time for the pod vape system. You have probably heard of pod devices such as the Juul in the news and from friends but what’s all the buzz about?

We have put together a primer below that will hopefully help explain it all.

Juul and other Closed Pod Systems

Now politics and opinion aside, the Juul is a great starting place for many adults looking to transition from traditional tobacco over into the vape world. It is quite literally the simplest device you can get and only at Vape Crypto can you buy Juul with Bitcoin!

Most open pods have a battery component with charging indicators, as well as prefilled pods. These are called closed pod systems. You purchase packs, usually four, of pods and simply take them out and connect them to your battery and vape away.

Most closed pods systems require the use of their own branded replacement pod but one of the advantages of the Juul is that a variety or quality and low priced replacement pods from companies such as Skol, Zalt, Eonsmoke and more every day are available.

One of the other features of closed pods is that most contain a high level of nicotine and a very tight draw making them most closely resemble analog cigarettes then other vapes. Obviously many people just switching from smoking to vaping find this appealing and eases the transition.

Open Pod Systems

Moving over from closed pod systems you have devices such as the Suorin Edge and Lost Vape Orion which features an AIO (All in One) style device; however, these device uses disposable coils rather than pre-filled pods.

What does that mean? It means that you now purchase your favorite (usually nicotine salt) juice and continually refill the tank or pod until the flavor diminishes, and then replace said coil to bring new life back to your device.

Uwell Caliburn Pod System

Additionally a growing number of closed pod systems off coils for both salt nics and freebase E-Liquids. An example of these are the Smok Nord and Novo which offer 3 different coil types; Mesh for freebase, Ceramic for salt nics and a regular one that can be used for both.

While closed pod systems certainly play their role in almost every vapers story, a lot of people end up with an open pod system due to the substantial savings you could have in the long run.

They are also desirable after you have some experience with the closed pods and feel you have made the switch from smoking permanently! If you are at that point check out our list of the top 5 open pod vape systems available and make the switch now!