WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Welcome To The Disruption Of Bitcoin And Vape.

What do we do – We keep it simple



Think back 10 years ago, the world was in financial crises and the health of the general population was most likely at an all time low. Meanwhile banks were allowed to created more complex and almost unestimatable derivatives from a housing market allowed to over heat by the illegal entitiy knows as the US Federal Reserve. For years the Fed has had the sole power to create and destroy wealth simply by printing or pulling back on the money supply. In fact in come countries it was policy to create hyper inflation every 3 years lest too many of it’s citizens get to the middle class.

This fiscal and monetary magic could not continue and this is the entrance of Satoshi Nakamuta, bitcoin and the block chain. I am not going to get into the technical details here but the key to the idea is that the whole system was devised to act just like gold..Plentifiul at filrst but becoming ever increasingly hard to find as time went on. This ensured it’s value while also keeping inflation at bay and maybe most importantly was totally DECENTRALIZED. No one server, government or person controlls bitcoin. It truly can be the worlds currency if we as a people let go of our negative prejudices and see it for what it is.To me there is no better spokesmen for bit coin then Andreas Antonopoulos

As for vaping, again Big Tobacco ruled the land and made their own rules for much of the early 21st century. Then along came these funny little things called ecigs. At first most were horrible and sold for way more then worth at gas stations and  bodegas and BT paid litttle mind nor did the billion dollar smoking cessation industry whose products had showen no more success in helping people quit then using nothing at all. But the tide had started to changed. We proudly elected our first African American President, Gay Marriage was now the norm, Marijuana Legalization was on ballots and approved all over the country and people quit smoking for vaping in record numbers. Another disruptive technology gave the power to the people and by the time the money realized it was too late.

Unfortunately the vape industry is now under an aggresive attach by Johnson and Johnson only because of their precious billion dollar revenue stream called Nicorette. The gum that has had little or no affect on smoking rates is at this moment trying to get congress to regulate the vapeing industry.



For this is the 21st Century and as Jim Morrison said in 1969 they got guns (money) but we got the numbers. And yes, we are going to win and taking over!

Who we are

A Team of LIke Minded Individuals Keeping to the Creed of the Original Cypber Punks

BitByBitCrypto Inc was created to advocate and educate the public around the amazing potential for what are known as “Disruptive” technologies have to change our world for the better. We are not pie the sky optimists and realize there will always be the rich and the poor. What technologies such as bitcoin and the blockchain provide is a chance to even out those numbers to more humane levels.

We do not want to live in a world were 2/3 are considered bankless and have no way of accumulating any kind of wealth or where charities lose up to 40% of donations to bank and currency conversion fees. A world were millions of homless pets set in cages when there are plenty of homes for them if they can just be matched. This is what we see as the power of the blockchain.

Even if you don’t buy any of our products at least look into our message and decide for yourself.

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